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When you’re trying to run your lowbie friend through dungeons and you keep telling them to stay way back to not aggro anything but they just keep following you closely like


When you start doing a mass pull and they decide to “help” by putting a heal or absorb on you.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

am i the only one who finds it a little creepy at the amount of people pulling out their ‘poc blood elves’ as like some kind of trendy justification card

like i get that it’s cool to see people/other people with poc blood elf ocs and shit but this just seems????? really creepy to me, like in the league of ‘my opinion is more valid, see, bc i’ve got a poc friend who tells me im not racist.’

Monday, July 21, 2014

hunterv said: Eyes, nose, chest. RANDOM CHARACTER OF YOURS, GO!

forrr isobel WHY NOT

Eyes; isobel handles most emotions with outbursts of violence that usually get him into serious trouble. if roman’s around he’s usually okay about handling it, but typically most things send him into some kind of rage. or he starts crying. he cries a lot.

Nose; isobel really doesn’t have any memories attached to any particular scents. he DOES get a sort of trigger from fresh blood, but that’s along the lines of animalistic instincts to feed more than anything

Chest; on one hand, he’s got a thing for physical wealth and holding coin in his hand. but on the other hand, he cherishes roman much more, in a kind of unhealthy obsessive kind of way.

sleepybluewizard said: Head, Nose, Hands with WHOEVER YOU WANT

i’ll do this forrr cephus bc why not

Head; he can’t actually recall having any dreams. if he could remember, he’d know that theyre usually extremely realistic dreams focused on his work, his nervousness, and his research. not SUPER INTERESTING but even mentally he doesnt give himself any slack in work.

Nose; his favorite scent is melting chocolate, and it reminds him of two things: being a kid, and of using his mother’s chocolate shop as a laboratory for his concoctions. you can imagine how that turned out. he thinks it went ‘well.’

Hands; as of now, he doesn’t really have any. he regrets not pulling out bc his daughter briefly complicated his life, but he dumped her off at the orphanage and she hasn’t been a trouble since, so his regrets are few and far between.

snipahv said: HEAD AND CHEEK for emilienne and Joana :3c


D-DEPENDING ON…THE T IME for a long while emilienne actually has very sweet and innocent dreams, but as she corrupts herself these slowly become really awful nightmares primarily featuring her family \o/

joana really doesnt sleep, but when she was alive and DID her dreams were probably extremely corrupt and more along the lines of self-proclaimed prophecy and probably involved her riding on the backs of several hundred slaves, you know, Evil Queen stuff.


again this changes BUT for awhile the only things that make her smile are her dumb boyf e w e and her brother’s approval if she ever gets it, and later on she only really smiles when she’s being possessed so i dont think that entirely counts

joana is actually really smiley. her honest smiles are typically around when she gets to coat a place in ice and decay and she can relish the sights and smells and the raw power she’s got. its probably also a turn on.

yknow. Evil Queen stuff.

sleepybluewizard said: Grudge, Kin, Magic - Ana


Grudge; it actually depends on who’s doing the insulting and the body language with it. Ana’s received s o much bullshit over the course of his life that insults just kind of wash over him, but he’d take it really hard if it was from someone he actually likes or admires in any way.

Kin; they almost completely loathe what family they have, and the word’s been kind of tainted by that, at least for right now. I think he’ll get over that bUT for right now, he’s too bitter to consider people ‘family.’ his role in his family is, basically, ‘disappointment.’

Magic; they’re accepting but distrusting. his canon universe has magic all over the place so it’s safe to say he’s used to it, but he’d pick his machines and inventions any day. (he is however a little obsessed with the whole black magic business for personal reasons, but he doesnt trust it anyway.)

Body Part Headcanon Meme

Send me a body part and I’ll post headcanon on it.

  • Head: What does your muse usually dream about?
  • Hair: How does your muse feel about their appearance?
  • Eyes: How does your muse handle intense emotions?
  • Cheeks: What makes your muse smile?
  • Ears: What kind of music does your muse listen to/play?
  • Nose: What memory does your muse’s favorite scent trigger?
  • Lips: Has your muse kissed anyone? Anyone they’d like to kiss?
  • Throat: What is your muse’s greatest fear?
  • Shoulders: What is the heaviest burden your muse carries?
  • Arms: What is your muse’s greatest strength?
  • Hands: What is your muse’s greatest regret?
  • Chest: What item or person does your muse treasure most?
  • Stomach: Can your muse cook?
  • Legs: What goal(s) is your muse working toward?
  • Ankles: Tell me a weakness your muse has.
  • Feet: What will your muse stand up for no matter what?

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London Comic Con October 2013

Hot fucking DAMN Assassins from all over the world and a shitton of different time periods?!

Rifle Assassin in the third gif could get it so hard.

These cosplays are fantastic! !!

Rifle assassin wins all the awards….wow.

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